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Friday, August 14, 2015

Further along.....

During a recent graduation of a few of our children off of our program, we asked the mommas that were there if they new of anyone who could also use some help similar to what they had received. One of the ladies told us of someone she knew might need some help and maybe we should visit.

With camp and everything else its taken a little while for us to get there.  This week we sat with a lady in a small wendy house (picture a garden shed).  Its probably 10 feet by 20 feet.  As we entered the house, 2 young men sat on the couch, reading together an experiencing God book.  We greeted and they stepped outside.  We sat in the kitchen/lounge/dinning room.  A curtain divided the house.  they other side lay a mattress on top of some milk crates.  We talked.  I asked the normal questions.  Where are you from.  How long have you lived here, etc, etc.  She had lived here a long time.  There were 7 people total living in this house.  3 of her kids and 3 of her sisters kids.  Her sister had died.  I cant imaging 7 people even sitting in this house yet alone living.  She was HIV+, but her children were negative.  She had a part time job helping someone run a day care out of there house.  The only other money coming into the family was a child grant for 3 of the children which totals R900 ($75) - MONTHLY.  I asked how they did it.  She said it was enough for rent and a little food.  We talked about immediate needs and she said some extra blankets would be nice.  I knew in my mind we had some at the office.  I asked her if she would come by our office and talk with momma some more on Friday.  I want them to come to us before we just start handing out things.  In fact I asked if she would be able to help us one day a week prepare food for the children.   Momma and I both agreed on the spot to invite the children to the after school program.  

The next day 3 of them had come.  Friday, the mother had come and collected the blankets that I had set aside for her, and the three children had come again.  

Momma tells me that a social worker had stopped by our office today to talk about a family that needed help.  Come to find out it was this family.  3 of the children were needing to be re-homed. The oldest child of the deceased mother was pregnant.  She is 17.  Come to find out she had been raped by the ladies brother.  The young man who was in the house having devotionals with a friend when we stopped by.  Oh, and whats worse, he's married.   More than likely there will never even be charges on this man.  So now these three children who although crowded, were in a loving home with family. Now......who knows where they will go.  

Statistically speaking, the pain that hurts the most is usually caused by those closet to us.  So begins what will hopefully be a long road that we will be able to walk with this family.

Never heard of Josh Garrels?  Take 2 mins and give a listen to this song, Further Along.

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